About Contractor Pages



Have YOU, a friend or family member ever been taken advantage of by a contractor before? Unfortunately, we have and that is what initiated us to create this platform. There are countless stories of customers being taken advantage of, whether the final bill is a multiple of the quote, “replaced” or “repaired” items do not function properly shortly after job is completed, or the best one where they “take a deposit” and disappear. The reality is there are BAD contractors out there and we built a shield to prevent them from working on YOUR projects. That shield is Contractor Pages.

Contractor Pages Is a community made up of honest, efficient, diligent, and ethical contractors that are eager to help YOU get the job done properly. YOU can communicate with several contractors before YOU select the right contractor for you. Unfortunately, we know there are bad contractors out there. By utilizing extra vetting of the contractors and their companies, and by obtaining real feedback scores from actual clients, we can greatly reduce YOUR risk of being taken advantage of by bad contractors. By utilizing our proprietary software, customers and reputable contractors can interact to complete projects satisfactory. Our software and SEO systems also allow our honest and hard-working contractors to post ads and draw in more business.