About Contractor Pages



Have YOU, a friend or family member ever been taken advantage of by a contractor before? Unfortunately, we have and that is what initiated us to create this platform. Including Contractors taking a down Payment then disappearing, never to be seen again.
The reality is there are BAD contractors out there and we built a shield to prevent them from working on YOUR projects. That shield is Contractor Pages. There are good if not great Contractors to choose from.Contractor Pages Is a community made up of honest, efficient, diligent, and ethical contractors that are eager to help YOU get the job done properly. We verify all the contractors before they are allowed on our platform. We do this by extra vetting of the contractors and their companies. This process includes checking licensing, insurance and by obtaining real feedback scores from actual clients from previous work done. This allows us to greatly reduce YOUR risk of being taken advantage of by bad contractors. By utilizing our proprietary software, customers and reputable contractors can interact to complete projects. YOU can communicate with one or several contractors before YOU select the right contractor for you. Also by uploading photos or videos of the work to be done, this allows us to help filter the best contractors to do the work needed to complete your project. Our software and SEO systems also allow our verified contractors to post ads and draw in more business. We made this platform FREE for Homeowners to use so don’t delay JOIN NOW!